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Glenys Lopez Bergeron

Glenys Lopez Bergeron

Glenys Lopez Bergeron was born and raised in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, moving to Manhattan in 2006 with her Father and younger brother, leaving behind her Mother, sister & niece. Glenys returned briefly to her home country to finish up her Bachelor degree in Psychology before returning to New York and setting her roots in the Big Apple! After several years of living and working in the city, Glenys met Matthew, her future husband, as he was finishing up college in New York. Matthew, born and raised in Peachtree City, mentioned the family life, the convenience of golf cart paths, and the wonderful community his home town has to offer - and moving back to this area became a done deal!

They moved to Fayette County in 2012, where Glenys continued working in the customer service industry - which has always been close to her heart. A year later, they were introduced to Julie & Dana (2 of DeGolian’s very own!) who were fantastic with their advice, guidance and ultimately helping them find their family home they still reside in. It was a mixture of the service Glenys received from these two, as well as her Father’s dying wish to have his children dream big and work hard to better their lives, that drove her into starting her own cleaning business.

Running a successful and extremely busy cleaning business was not enough for Glenys, with the drive to do better for her family and her passion for helping and serving others, she realized that Real Estate was a great way for her to give back to her community. Glenys obtained her license and joined DeGolian Realty in 2022. 

Alongside her passion of serving and helping her community, Glenys enjoys spending time with her family, Matthew and their daughter Matelyn, and watching her daughter’s soccer games at Glenlock park. When she’s not watching her daughter on the soccer field she enjoys working out, going for bike rides and of course getting on the dance floor whenever the music calls!

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