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Kathryn Grace

Kathryn Grace
Realtor - The Kim Ross Team
Kathryn, a native of Buffalo NY (Go Bills!), spent the past 10 years as a zoo keeper - a dream job for many! She began her zoo keeping career up in Buffalo, where Kathryn met her now husband, Kyle, who was in the same field. In 2017 they move to Atlanta to further their  careers, and getting married the following year. As their careers blossomed, so did their family as they welcomed their son, Jameson, in 2021.
The arrival of their new bundle of joy initiated a career change for them both, as they recognized life would never be the same! As Kyle switched to a career as a firefighter/AEMT with Forest Park Fire Department, Kathryn realized she needed a better work/life balance. Her passion and motivation to succeed in anything she puts her mind to, is what drove her into the world of Real Estate. After obtaining her license, she made the decision to align herself with similar, driven, like-minded agents and joined The Kim Ross Team at DeGolian Realty.
Her attention to detail, dedication and trust that made her an excellent zookeeper and animal trainer, will make her a FANTASTIC agent!
" I am very passionate and motivated about everything I put my mind to. I look forward to growing with DeGolian Realty and the Kim Ross Team and helping others find their happiness!"
When she's not knee deep in real estate, Kathryn enjoys getting some fresh air and hiking with her family and 2 dogs. She's also pretty handy with the hammer, finding and doing every home improvement project in her house! Even though Kathryn is an energizer bunny, she is still human and loves to sit down, relax and watch the original Star Wars movies.

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