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Lisa Rogers

Lisa Rogers

Georgia Native, Lisa, was born and raised in the small City of Colquitt, nestled in the Southwestern corner of the State. A true lover of people, Lisa pursued a management career within the Food Service Industry, taking her from Albany, GA down to Tallahassee before making her way back to Atlanta in 1996. Settled in the big city of Atlanta, Lisa went on to work for a large software company as Office Manager from ‘98 to 2003. 

During her time in Atlanta, Lisa was set up on a blind date (as friends love to do!) - little did she know that 6 years later they would eventually end up dating and seal the deal. Lisa moved to Fayetteville to be with her fiance, as they set down their roots and were blessed with the birth of their first, Avery, in 2005 and Addison in 2007. During this time frame, Lisa was eager to put her business savvy self to work as she started her own Maternity store in 2006, aptly named “Oh My Baby”! Booming with business in the early years, the unforeseen downturn in the market took its toll on this Boutique store, as it did to many others, as Lisa closed up shop. 

Undeterred by these unfortunate events, Lisa knew her business background and entrepreneurial spirit was not to be wasted as she searched for her next venture. A natural people person with a particular talent at making others feel comfortable in ANY situation, led her into the Spray Tan industry. A perfect fit in every aspect, Lisa grew her business based on her rapport with clients and inevitably their referrals, making this year her 10 year anniversary in the business.

During this period her family made the move to Peachtree City, solidifying their ties to the community with every client and friend she made along the way. Lisa has always had a passion for design and an eye for staging, so with the Spray Tan business running seamlessly Lisa felt it was time to expand her horizons and dive into the world of Real Estate. In the Summer of 2018 Lisa did just that, and attained her GA Real Estate License, running her service businesses side by side.

Lisa provides her clients with a multifaceted skill set earned throughout her years as a business owner. With a love of design, Lisa’s biggest asset is her ability to assist her clients to get their house ready for selling as she will be able to provide color schemes, staging concepts,home decor ideas and much more. Helping people get to where they want to be, is exactly why Lisa entered this industry. 

When she isn’t busy working for her clients, Lisa can often be found at Lowes, picking up materials for her next home project, or scanning the pages of Pinterest for a little inspiration. 

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