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Social isolation driving you mad?

10 ways to get your house ready to sell

Follow These 10 Steps to Get Your House Ready To Sell

Is social isolation driving you mad? Use your time stuck at home to get your house ready to sell this Spring.

Not sure where to even begin? This simple 10 Step guide will make great use of all the time you have at home. Simple, inexpensive and, dare I say it, FUN! Scroll down and start today.

#1 – Deep, DEEP, Clean! 

Step 1 - Deep Clean Your House to Get it Ready to Sell

Get ready to sell with a Deep Clean! Windows need to be “sparkly” clean, inside and out. As this will let more natural light into your home making photos and the showing experience 1000X more enjoyable! 🙂

**And If you’re not sure if you’ve included everything in your list, go to Pinterest. There are PLENTY of great Spring cleaning lists to grab ideas from. Here’s just one example –> Whole House Deep Cleaning Checklist by

#2 – De-Clutter

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to spend time worrying about packing? This is the perfect excuse to start now on items you won’t be using until in your new home. By freeing up space now, you’ll have less to pack later. and kill 2 birds with 1 stone! 

Make 3 piles – pack, trash, donate & be ruthless!

#3 – First Impressions are Key

Focus on the front yard as it’s all about the curb appeal. Make sure to pressure wash paths, patios, porches and gutters as well as the driveway to make lasting impression. Clean out overgrown beds, trim bushes and trees that block views from the inside. Finally – arrange for a “Mow & Blow” prior to photos for that wow factor!

#4 – Keep it Neutral!

A fresh lick of paint can make a world of difference, BUT make sure you choose a light, neutral color THROUGHOUT!  Remember – the goal is to appeal to the masses, so if you’re really not sure, check out these color suggestions from our Queen of Design, DeSales deGolian! → 3 Shades of Neutral by DeSales deGolian

#5 – De-Personalize

What might be the greatest find of the century for me, might not quite be your cup of tea! Take this as an opportunity to do a little more packing and tuck away those personal items such as family photos, kids artwork off the fridge, trophies etc. You want to leave future buyers feeling like they’re walking through their potential home. 

#6 – Organize the Garage

What does your garage say about you? A sure sign of a well maintained house is an organized garage – and that’s the exact impression we want to give! So head on down to Costco or Sam’s, grab some storage bins, and get to organizing. You’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes – and they WILL notice!

#7 – Home Inspector PREVIEW

Sooner or later, some of those little fixes you’ve been putting off will need to be done, so why not beat them to it! Not only will you be freeing up time in the long run, you’ll be presenting a well-maintained house to buyers which is vital. 

**TIP OF THE DAY: Secure an honest, reliable and affordable handyman now, as you may need him later when the time crunch is real!

#8 – Blinds and Coverings

Every little helps – take care of the small stuff now and your buyers will be less picky in the long run. Switch out old, cracked or discolored socket/light switch covers for minimal cost at Home Depot or Lowes. Freshen up the blinds with a good scrub and replace those bent/broken ones – especially if these are front facing.

** During photos, open and roll up blinds, keeping them ALL uniform as there’s nothing worse than looking at windows with some blinds up, some down and others “who knows what!”.

#9 – Ugh, a Pool?!

Just remember, as much as this is a HUGE plus it can also be a complete deal breaker. This is all down to how YOU present it. Do the hard work, keep it maintained and the water treated, and they’ll think there’s nothing too it. Contact your Pool Company and make sure they have you on their schedule to get your pool looking pristine – and BLUE!! 

#10 – Gather Your Facts!

As you get closer to listing, you’ll need to bring all the facts you have to the table, as it is your job to be as open and honest about ALL aspects of the home. Not sure how old the roof is? Did you replace the HVAC at all? Any insurance claims throughout the years? These are all part and parcel of the “Seller’s Disclosure” and are extremely handy to have at hand when inevitably asked to provide the answers for! PLUS – Providing any handbooks, manuals, warranties you may have on items being left are an additional bonus for buyers, and may just be that selling point others missed!

Think you’ve got enough to get started? Just remember, take it step by step, tackle each stage and you’ll be ready to give us a call in no time.


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