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Homeschooling Tips for a Busy Family

Homeschooling Tips for a Busy Family

You and your kids will LOVE our homeschooling tips that are perfect for a busy family. We are all doing it right now.. trying to juggle work, home life and homeschooling all from the same house! It’s enough to make you go crazy! But we are here to help, and offer as much support to make it through these times.

Sit back, relax, and BREATHE – it’s all going to be OK!

5 Top Tips for Homeschooling

Top Tips for Homeschooling

#1 – Use the Resources Given

This may sound silly, but don’t forget that these resources are there to make this easier for YOU! Tons of teachers and schools have worked super hard to supply worksheets, virtual meetings/lessons, videos and more. So make the most of it – spending time discovering all the different options available will reduce your stress levels dramatically. Here’s a really handy link to the Georgia Department of Education‘s website, check it out TODAY!

#2 – It Takes a Village!

So many of our schools offer platforms for parents to group chat through forums. If you don’t have acces to these, then my suggestion would be to use the Parent Call List and form your own portal. Trust me, the other parents will Thank You for it!!

Our personal favorite is an app called Slack. Essentially a work place app for creating teams, sharing assignments and group chatting. And best of all, it’s FREE!!!

**Don’t forget the kids need that interaction as well. Check in to make sure they not only have access to teachers/students but that they know how to use it. Sane children = somewhat sane parents!

#3 – Healthy Hearts, Healthy Minds.

We’re no stranger to this concept, but somehow it often gets put aside in the stress and struggle of homeschooling. So make time for some good old fashioned outside FUN in your daily schedule. Here’s an article from The American Heart Association if you don’t believe us! We could go on and on about all the benefits of recess, but I’ll leave it to the experts –> Recess Helps Kids Learn Better In School

#4 – Set Aside A Space for Study

We all know that working from home can be tough, so imagine doing school work at home?! This piece of advise comes from our very own Beth Ryan, Assistant Principle turned Real Estate extraordinaire!  Find a spot, whether that be dining room table, sun-room, basement office, or a guest bedroom, and call that “The Classroom”. This is essential in creating division between being at School and being at Home. How else are you supposed to do that, when they have become one and the same?!  Get Creative!

#5 – Get Organised!

This is where your traditional “Homeschooling” differs from our current situation of “School from Home”. They have been given Zoom classes, online material, and deadlines. However, we still need to establish that routine.

Another fantastic pro-tip from Beth, don’t do it all on your own! If you have middle, and High-Schoolers, start making them responsible for daily/weekly planning. After all, they have all their work set out online/or in worksheets, with exactly when this work is expected. Don’t let them fool you!

Start off day by day, looking at what you have coming up and have them create their schedule.

**TOP TIP – Make sure they include ALL the small stuff, like breakfast, breaks, lunch etc. Realistic schedules work best!

For the youngens, I’m afraid that’s going to be on you. But, the more of a routine you can create, the better off you’ll be.

So, there we have it, DeGolian Realty’s Homeschooling tips for a busy family. Don’t forget to check out the links, as there are plenty of awesome sites out there to make the most of.

And if you discover your home might not be as big as you thought, well… we also happen to be pretty useful at helping you with that as well!


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