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How To Improve Air Quality at Home

How To Improve Air Quality at Home

We are all wondering how to improve the air quality at home these days – let’s face it, we’re here enough! With Summer creeping up and quite literally slapping us in the face this past week, you can forget about opening your doors and windows anymore! So what can we do to bring the fresh air in?

3 Steps to Improve your Air Quality at HomeHow to Improve Your Air Quality At Home

STEP 1: Change Air Filters Regularly


Your HVAC or furnace system blows air throughout your home. The filters are there to trap the dust and dirt and keep the air circulating your home nice and clean. In order to help keep the air circulating in your home clean and dirt free, you must change your filter regularly. 

Read this article to learn where to find your filter, how often you should swap it out and how to do it. 

How to Change your Air Filter

STEP 2: House Plants

Let me rephrase – REAL House plants! The purpose for this – plants are the best way to “clean up our air” as they quite literally supply us with oxygen. I know what most of you are thinking… “How am I supposed to keep a plant alive when it’s hard enough with dogs, a husband, kids and myself!”. 

Here are our top picks for virtually “unkillable” houseplants:

  1. Peace Lily
  2. Spider Plant
  3. Dwarf Date Palm
  4. Devil’s Ivy
  5. Rubber Plants

Find out more about how to care for these in our blog below.

5 Low Maintenance House Plants

STEP 3: Clean Rugs and Carpets Regularly

Rugs and Carpets can act as dust collectors, and trap allergens within the fabric. If you haven’t done your annual deep carpet cleaning, I would recommend that first. Secondly, replace the filter in your vacuum and make sure it’s fully cleaned inside and out. Cleaning a house with a dirty vacuum.. Well, that just doesn’t make any sense!!

Once you’ve established the baseline for a clean carpet, vacuum weekly! This also pertains to sofas, chairs etc. Anything with a fabric surface that can collect dust and dirt, is a good idea to put on the cleaning rotor.  

Cleaning a rug can be tricky, for help on this check out the DIY Network’s top tip for Rug Cleaning –> DIY Network – How to Clean a Rug

***BONUS TIP: Always turn your stove vent ON whilst cooking! There are fumes, smells, and smoke that can become trapped in curtains, upholstery, carpets etc that interfere with your air quality.

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