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7 Tips For Throwing The Best Super Bowl Party 2023

The Super Bowl is right around the corner, and so is the opportunity to show off your supreme hosting abilities! Or are you feeling like you’ve over committed?… Worry no more, here are some simple steps to ensure your party is talked about for all the right reasons!

How to throw the best super bowl party 2023

7 Tips For Throwing The Best Super Bowl Party 2023

Here’s a helpful checklist so you can sit back and relax on the day… knowing your Super Bowl party will be the talk of the town! 

1. Seating…

Perhaps you’re suddenly stressing over not enough of space after you’ve invited the entire town, plus some! Try rearranging the furniture and repositioning the TV so that the maximum amount of viewers can enjoy the game in comfort. Perhaps add a couple of bean bag chairs that can be stored in the kids room afterwards.

2. VIP guests First!! 

first guests at a party

Invite your close friends to come early. The ones who mix THE best drinks, the helpful kind and the most friendly to welcome the rest of the guests! Here are some other stress relieving tips so you can actually enjoy your party for a change! →Town & Country’s – How to Be the Best Hostess

3. BYO-Appetizers…

80 Super Bowl Food Ideas for a Party — Easy Super Bowl Recipes

Why make things harder? There’s nothing wrong in lightening the load by asking people to bring a little something. After all, it’s what people are expecting to do! Just make sure you’ve got the main football feasting foods prepared … Here’s bleacher report’s top 10 foods to serve for a Super Bowl →Top 10 Things to Eat At A Super Bowl Party

4. Why have 1 screen when you could have 2?

That’s right… why stick to just the one screen when you could make viewing life a LOT easier by strategically placing your TVs for optimum viewing! If you’re worried about not having the most open floor plan, then plant that spare TV in the kitchen, basement, or even the garage! Where there’s a TV, people will gather. Don’t put a TV in a spot where you really don’t want a crowd! 

You only have 1 smart TV? No problem… check out a few of these streaming devices for a quick solution on the day.

Google Chrome Cast 

Roku 4k Stick

Amazon Fire Stick

5. Glam it up!

From penalty flag napkins (literally yellow napkins in a bucket with a sign!) to a football themed photo booth area, the ideas are plentiful. Just pick a few and go with it! Here’s a little article with some ideas if you’re struggling →25 Best DIY Football Decorations

And for ease of ordering, check out these kits from Amazon for some ideas…

Football Decorations Party Set

Inflatable Football Field Drinks Cooler

Photo Booth Props

6. Scores on the doors!

Is it even the Super Bowl without a square?… NO! It is not! This is an absolute must, if nothing else. You can either draw the 11 x 11 grid yourself, or do what you do for everything else…Amazon it! Either grab a prize for each quarter or do the traditional thing and collect a little pot. Nothing makes the big game more exciting than having a little skin in the game!

7. For the Extra Point… BOOZE!!

The 13 Best Beers for Super Bowl LV, According to Brewers

This goes without saying, but don’t skimp out on the drinks. Whether your loading up on Capri Suns for the kids or something a little harder for the big kids, go big! With guests bringing appetizers, the rule is – drinks are on you! We don’t mean you need to supply a full bar, but a classic well stocked one is definitely expected!

Note – Don’t leave it until Sunday as (depending on your State) you might find yourself hanging around until 12:30pm just to check out!


And there you go, 7 easy steps to ensure your Super Bowl party scores on all accounts! 

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