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“It’s the people – the clients, the agents and the staff. It’s awesome helping people accomplish their goals!” 

– Roch DeGolian, CEO & Co-Founder, DeGolian Realty


We believe that FAMILY COMES FIRST. 

We strive to make our clients and the community we live in OUR “Family.” 

This is the culture that we continue to build and grow on, from our staff to our dedicated agents. As we know, culture comes from within, it is something that builds bonds and relationships based on common values, dreams and goals. 

How do we put this into practice? Simple, we pair an underlying caring characteristic with our personal areas of expertise to make going above and beyond truly effortless! Our promise of service can only be upheld by keeping culture at our very core and remembering each and every day, why we do what we do. By doing so we can fulfill our promise of service, continue to push the boundaries, and work hard every day to exceed expectations.

We believe that there is NO better feeling than seeing our clients’ goals and dreams become their reality!

“Work doesn’t feel like work when you LOVE what you do!”

 – DeSales DeGolian, Broker, Co-Founder, DeGolian Realty

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