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Why deGolian Realty

“My Superpower is having knowledge beyond the sale. I have been in the business forever and have relationships with vendors, subcontractors, suppliers, designers and more…”

– DeSales DeGolian, Broker, Co-Founder, DeGolian Realty 

We’re a boutique real estate brokerage that provides expert real estate services and guidance to home buyers and sellers. DeSales and Roch deGolian have been in the home development world since their youth – gaining incomparable knowledge and skill sets in building, design, renovations and repairs that challenge the best in the business.  With this as their foundation, they launched into the world of real estate looking at it the only way they know how – from a client’s perspective. 

  • Providing Personal Connections to Contractors

“These relationships have been forged throughout our 20+ years in building and renovations, and enable us to provide not only invaluable assistance in project management, but a hands-on guide through the Due Diligence stage.”

  • Providing a Family of Agents

“We have purposefully selected a team of agents, bound by the same beliefs, to offer their individual areas of expertise for the sole benefit of your family.”

  • Providing Expert Service FOREVER

“Our help doesn’t stop at the closing table. This is what we truly love and live for, being your “Go-To” for life!”

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