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Help Buyers Fall in Love With Your Home This Winter

With the clocks falling back this weekend, it’s more important than ever to do all the little things to help buyers fall in love with your home this Winter. Check out the following tips and tricks to make sure your home transforms from dark and gloomy to warm and welcoming.

fall in love with you home

5 Ways to Help Buyers Fall In Love With Your Home This Winter

1. We Love a Lamp!

During the extended daylight of the Summer months, you may not have noticed the lack of light in certain areas of your home. Table lamps and floor lamps are a simple solution to this problem.

TOP TIP: Plug these into smart outlets or plugs and set a timer for when you’re out. Or, if you have time, you can activate them as and when showings are set to make sure your home is well lit upon arrival. 

Smart Outlets – Amazon $74.99 (4 pack)

Smart Plugs – Amazon $19.99 (2 pack – 50% off original price!)

2. Lead with the nose!

It’s important to touch all 5 senses when it comes to a showing experience. Those holiday candles or plugins are a perfect way to create warm and welcoming vibes. With the added bonus of smelling Scent-sational! Cashmere is our favorite right now, whether that’s a candle, diffuser or a plugin. 

REMEMBER: Don’t overload, a nice gentle fragrance throughout the home goes a long way. Too strong and the buyers will think you’re covering up something! Looking to dive deeper – check out this blog for more ways to get the nose twitching… The Real Scents That Will Help Sell Your House –

3. Light it up!

First impressions are key, which means the outside needs to be just as well lit as inside. It’s a great way of showcasing the landscaping during those early evening showings. Here’s a great article that will guide you through how to choose outdoor lighting that’s suitable for you →How To Choose Outdoor Lighting

4. Don’t over decorate!!

Holidays are a magical time and a great time for putting your home on the market. Buyers love the feeling of warmth with classy Christmas lights and a holiday wreath, BUT don’t go overboard!! Remember, there needs to be plenty of room for the buyer to visualize their own decorations sprinkled throughout the home. 

TOP TIP:If you have vaulted or 12ft+ ceilings, don’t be afraid to show them off with a dramatic, well placed Christmas Tree.

5. Show Your Windows Some Love!

All you need is LOVE… a little window love that is! With daylight dwindling, it’s important to make the most of the natural light we do have. Remove screens (place them in storage and make sure to note that they will be reinstalled prior to closing), get them washed (inside and out!), treat any rot and reseal where necessary. Your potential buyers will notice any drafts with this Fall/Winter air, so be thorough prior to placing on the market. 

So there you have it, 5 easy ways to put your home top of the wish list this selling season! Now all you’ve got left to do is give us a call, so you can truly enjoy the holidays!

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