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Boost Your Curb Appeal On A Budget

Whether you're looking to sell or just spruce up the front for your own sanity, you don't always need to break the bank to do so! Here are 10 budget friendly ways to boost your curb appeal, leaving your house as the talking point in the neighbo...

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Why Do I Need an Agent?

Why Do I Need An Agent? Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, you might be thinking to yourself “why do I need an agent in this current market?”. Well, the answer is simple - to protect your biggest asset or investment. There are a nu...

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Creating The Ultimate Man Cave

Not sure what to do for Father's Day? How about a designated area for all of his junk - commonly known as a Man Cave!! There are plenty of ways to create some "man" space, whether this is a designated room or an entire basement - this blog w...

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Best Back Patio Plants for Georgia Summers

“April Showers Brings May Flowers”- and this year was NO different! The heat of Summer already seems to be upon us and we are only in the first week of May. Don’t you just love the Georgia Spring - or lack of it! None the less, if you ...

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Staging Your Home: 10 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make

Staging a home, how difficult can it be? This misconception is what will lead you into making one (or more) of these 10 common staging faux pas that even Realtors are prone to making! That's right - pick carefully when choosing your realtor, as...

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Getting Your Home Spring Ready Inside and Out

As a homeowner you have the exciting responsibility of maintaining your home to protect your investment. With Winter past us, now is the perfect time to “Spring” into action and get prepared for the nicer weather right around the corner. Th...

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DeGolian Realty 2021 Highlights

WOW… The start of another year already - oh how time flies! 2021 has been a wonderful year for our Brokerage as we took on the challenge of organizing The Vince Rossetti Charity Golf Classic - a tournament close to our hearts, partnered w...

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