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Top Home Maintenance Tips for March

March 20th marks the first official day of Spring! Although in GA, with our high pollen count in February and humid afternoons, it may feel like we’re already there! Just like any other change of season, there are those dreaded home maintenance items that MUST get tackled before Summer hits.. But where should you start?

DeGolian Agent’s Top Tips for March

Thankfully we’ve enlisted the help of our fabulous agents. Here they are with their personal list of Top Home Maintenance Tips for March!

Amy Kronenberger - Agent


“Clean window panes and window sills, although this has to wait until after the pollen has stopped turning everything yellow! This will make a HUGE difference, especially if you’re looking to sell – natural light is everything!”





Tonya Annette Tiller - Agent


“For me, my BIG ticket items for home maintenance begin outside by prepping the yard, lawn aeration and cleaning out the gutters.”





Jackie Wheeler - Agent


“It’s no secret that I love doing yard work. So obviously this month will lead me to clean out all the dead/frozen potted plants and prepare for planting the Spring ones! Here are a few of my favorites for the coming Season: Azaleas, Daffodils, Tulips, Forsythia, Peonies.”




Mishawn Meszar - Agent


“With a good old Spring clean being the obvious to-do for this coming month. If you’re also looking to make a move, you might want to check out this blog for10 Ways to Get Your Home Ready To List This Spring! – And then give me a call!!!”




Julie Britt - The Peachtree Team


“I’m big on pressure washing the house, driveway and walkways. But I also love to declutter and donate items to  A Better Way Ministriesin Peachtree City.”





Shelli Johnson - Agent


“Short of all the usual stuff, I find myself covering the  patio furniture in preparation for pollen. That  way, when the time comes to venture outside and prep your outside areas, it’s one less thing to clean!”




Holly Copeland - Agent


“SERVICE HVAC – You’ll be cranking up the air before you know it! So go ahead and schedule for it to be serviced this month. If you’re in need of a trusted HVAC company, we love to use Kyle fromTownsel Heating & Air.”




Amy Battaglia - Agent


“I’m lucky, I have my hubby climb up and clean the gutters and downspouts. But if you need a helping hand, these guys have done a fantastic job for me in the past –Pro Gutter Systems.





Roch & DeSales deGolian


“Focus on the yard….get ready for outdoor living with plans to plant all your pots, pressure wash EVERYTHING once the pollen is over. And why not spruce up your outdoor furniture with some  new cushions, pillows, outdoor rugs. Additionally make sure all your outdoor fixtures have new lightbulbs!!!!!  Make it pretty!!!”



Beth Ryan - Agent


“Here are a couple that always appear top of my list, this time of year…

  1. Replace air filters – check out this Blog if you’re not sureHow To Change Your Air Filter.
  2. Check the irrigation system for leaks – with Summer coming and the need for sprinklers, this could prove costly if taken care of!
  3. And lastly – Stock up on the Kleenex!”


Tricia Culler - Agent


“Top of my to-do list for March is to clean out beds, getting rid of all that Winter debris and dead plants. Then it’s time to freshen them up with new mulch, sometimes using  Ivy Greenor heading to Home Depot myself!”





Kim Ross - Agent


“My top tip for the season, which is to be done after the pollen has fallen, is to power wash your home, driveway, and sidewalks. It makes such a huge difference in the overall look of your home and is easy to do yourself!”

Check out these ranked pressure washers… in Popular Mechanics 13 Best Pressure Washers of 2023




So… there you have it! Your complete guide to home maintenance this month. The only thing left to do, is free up some time and get cracking! 

Don’t forget to contact one our agents for their preferred vendor list to save you from doing it all!

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