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DIY Projects To Boost Your Home Value

We all love a little DIY home project and what better time to start than the school holidays, with bored kiddos eager to lend a hand (hardly!!). But where to start? With so many projects on the horizon, which ones should you prioritize if you’re looking to add value to your home? 

Do-It-Yourself Projects to Boost Your Home Value

Look no further, here are a variety of smaller home DIY projects you can work through this Summer to increase your home’s value. 


Simple Interior Fixes

  1. Fresh Paint

    If you’re looking to maximize your home’s potential value and appeal to more buyers, stick to the neutral color palettes throughout. Check out these Broker favorites → Hate Picking out Paint Colors?
  2. Crown Molding

    You can either have the store cut to your measurements or do the honors at home. Either way you’ll want to finish with caulking and a final coat of paint. Click Here for some pro tips! 
  3. Update Fixtures

    If you’re someone who likes to stay on trend and are looking for something a little more luxurious, check out this site which highlights the notable looks from theFall 2022 High Point Market. (We love a theseRegina Andrewpieces)
  4. Install Ceiling Fans

    If you’re anything like me, selecting a ceiling fan takes you down all sorts of rabbit holes until you’re back in the same spot you were – with no fan! Check out this site for simplifying the process → 
  5. Fireplace Clean Up

    If you have a beautiful brick fireplace that hosts numerous wood burning fires throughout the Winter months, you might find this project particularly rewarding! Use a damp rag to wipe away some of the soot before following up with a fireplace cleaner that is designed to get rid of the creosote residue that builds up. This will take some elbow grease, and possibly a few applications, but the results will be incredibly satisfying! For more in a more in-depth How To guide, check out Home Depot’s blog here →   



  1. Upgrade Flooring

    Save money on labor by doing it yourself. If you’re not sure how, find classes at your local hardware store so you can put more money into the material.
  2. Update the Fixtures

    A simple swap out with something a little more up to date will make all the difference. Think about the faucet, shower heads or even the vanity. 

      Check out this blog for some 2023 Bathroom inspiration → 



  1. Paint/Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

    YES, this will be one of the more time consuming tasks, but will be worth the energy in the end. If you’d rather save money and do it yourself, be thorough. Clean and sand well to make sure your paint work isn’t ruined by pre-existing stains or grime. Check out some great color options here → Paint Colors for Front Door, Walls & Cabinets
  2. Upgrade the Hardware

    Now that you’ve put a whole lot of sweat into those cabinets, don’t settle with old hardware. Complete the look with new knobs and fittings.
  3. Light Fixtures

    Have you updated your pendulum lights recently, or are they still stuck in the early 2000’s? Key fixtures in your kitchen include any hanging lights over islands or bars, as well as the eat in area/ dining room. These are by far the most noticeable fixtures, so make them something to be noticed! See here for some GREAT pendant pieces and more →Regina Andrew


Refresh the Exterior

  1. Install New Front Door/ Revamp Old one!

    If a new front door isn’t in the budget, a new lick of paint will go a long way. But just like the kitchen cabinets, don’t slack on the prep if you want your finish to look like the pros! Take a look at this for a quick how to → 
  2. Front Porch Clean Up!

    Time to put some TLC into that front porch, dust away the cobwebs, pressure wash, paint and stage! Sure, this might not be your day to day entrance/exit but it is for your guests. No matter the size, try to add a little seating area … check out our previous blog for some inspiration →
  3. Repair/Rebuild or Renovate your Deck!

    Suddenly the inside space we have just isn’t enough anymore. Especially with the hybrid remote working lifestyle we have adjusted to. Families are looking to expand their living/dining spaces outside, which means bigger decks and covered back porches! It could be as simple as repositioning the stairs to open up your deck and give more usable space without encroaching on the yard. Or you might be thinking about a bigger rebuild; adding sqft and potentially covering a portion. Materials are currently on the lower end (According to Clayton Morris with CHM Services) making it potentially more affordable to pull the trigger on those larger projects. 


Here are some KEY TAKEAWAYS to always keep in mind

  • Studies show that the kitchen is typically the most expensive room to renovate, followed the master bathroom. 
  • The KItchen & Master Bathroom are also amongst the highest ROI when it comes to adding value to your home. 
  • Limit the DIY projects to cosmetic improvements (unless you are the professional!), as high value requires a higher level of finish. 

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